Concord, NH Area Deaths Reported 24 Feb 1823


In Trieste, M. Herschell, the celebrated Jew Banker: he has left between 11 and 12 millions of francs to his son.

In Philadelphia, Mr. Samuel Relf, late editor of the Philadelphia Gazette, aged 47.

In Philadelphia, (drowned) Pemberton Binns, the second son of Alderman John Binns, editor of the Democratic Press.

In Cheraw, S. C. in the 78th year of his age, John Wilson, Esq. a soldier of the revolution, and father of the present Governor of South Carolina.

In Dummerston, Vt. Mr. William Wheeler, age 80, a native of Concord, Ms.

In Cambridge, Ms. William K. S. Lowell, son of the Rev. Charles Lowell, of Boston, aged 9 years---a boy of extraordinary talents and uncommon loveliness.

In Quebec, Thomas Cary, Esq. editor of the Mercury, aged 72.

In Bennington, Vt. by suicide, Mr. Sexton Pickett, aged 41.

In Ryegate, Vt. Mr. Robert Dickson; death occasioned by falling from the great beams of his barn to the floor.

In Darien, Geo. Mr. George F. Wing; he went down to the lower wharf, and after taking off his coat, plunged into the river and was drowned---supposed to be insane.

In Haverhill, Ms. Mr. John Curtiss, aged 82---a soldier in the French war of '58, and in the American Revolution.

In Brimfield, Ms., Mr. Joel Abbot, aged 91.

In Stetson, Maine, Capt. Daniel Matthews, a revolutionary pensioner, aged 60.

In Boston, Mrs. Lucy M. wife of Dr. William Ingalls, aged 38, Widow Ruth Barrett, aged 81

In Marblehead, Ms. Mr. William Bartlett, 82.

In Washington, Vt., Mr. Safford Tracy, aged 53; he hung himself in his own barn---he had been for more that 20 years, at times, subject to deep melancholy and great depression of spirits.

In Montpelier, Vt. Mr. Simeon Daggett, age 37.

In Warwick, R. I. a child of Mr. Wanton Collins, aged about 2 years---burnt to death in the absence of the family excepting another child.

In Gray, Me., Deac. Micah Walker, aged 94.

In Poland, Me., Mr. John O. Ryan a revolutionary pensioner, aged 92.

In Henniker, Feb. 19, Mrs. Childs, wife of Mr. Solomon Childs, and daughter of the late Mr. Enoch Long of Hopkinton, aged 38.

In Weare, Jan. 31, Mrs. Lydia Bean, aged 91 years and one month.

In Atkinson, Widow Hannah Richards, 86.

In Portsmouth, Nathan Parker, son of Samuel Cushman, Esq. aged 3 years.

In Exeter, George W. Smith and Clarissa C. Smith, children of Capt. Joseph Smith, aged 10 months.

In Canaan, Dec. 2 of consumption, Mrs. Nancy, aged 23, wife of Capt Ebenezer Clark, and second daughter of George Conant, Esq. To a naturally mild and sweet disposition, this young woman, whose premature death has deprived a husband of the kind companion of his youth, and two little children, one of whom is an infant, of an affectionate parent, untied in her last days the charms of Christian meekness and resignation. Upon death, who brooded over her long with all his terror, she cast a wishful smile, and, though the painful thoughts of leaving all that found her to this poor world, sometimes drew forth a sigh, yet, to the great consolation of her friends, she finally resigned it, and willingly, and joyfully, gave up her soul to her God, in blissful hope of an immortality.----Com.

In Bow, N. H. Feb 14 of consumption, in the 19th year of his age, Simeon H. Bunten. Printers at and near Detroit and Plattsburgh are requested to notice this.

In Francestown, a child of Mr. Ebenezer Boyd; Miss Marsha Barns, aged 75; Me. Richard Standley, aged 86---a worthy old man.

In Boscawen, Jan.15 Mrs. Ruth, wife of Mr. Eliakin Walker, aged 66.

In Pelham, N. H. much lamented, Mr. Asa B. Grosvenor, aged 21, grand-son of Capt. Asa Grosvenor. As the father of this young man, Mr. Asa Grosvenor, has been absent several years and is not known where he now resides, printers in all parts of the United States are requested to insert this death in their paper.

In Bradford, N. H. Jan 22 Mrs. Mary W. Sanders, aged 33, highly respected and deeply lamented by her friends and acquaintances.

In Boscawen, Feb 6, Mr. George Jackman, jun. aged 56.

In Sandbornton, Feb. 18, Joseph Prescott.

In this town, David George Flanders, son of Mrs. Alice F. aged 12 years.

In the N. H. State Prison, Feb. 16, Benjamin Sargeant, aged 32, formerly of Goffstown.

Deaths in Francestown during the year 1822, eight.

New-Hampshire Patriot & State Gazette, Concord, NH 24 Feb 1823

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